Frequently Asked Questions

What is Calvary Global Kids and what is your mission?

Calvary Global Kids was born of a passion to meet the needs of children around the world. Our mission is simple… to “connect kids with hope” throughout the world. We enable people like you to join us in fulfilling God’s call to care for His precious children and youth in need, to commit your heart and resources toward that call, and to connect with those kids by creating relationships around the globe.

How and where does Calvary Global Kids work?

Calvary Global Kids provides sponsorship opportunities for children identified by our partners around the world. At this time, our organization facilitates sponsorships of children in Myanmar, an impoverished country in Southeast Asia.

Why should I support Calvary Global Kids? What sets you apart from other charitable organizations?

Although the Calvary Global Kids sponsorship program is a relatively new initiative, we have built relationships with the kids and leadership at these orphanages over several years through missions trips, financial support, and ongoing communication with the people who provide the care of these children. We receive no fee or percentage of your sponsorship cost. ALL of your money goes directly to support the kids we sponsor. We enable communications between sponsors and sponsored children, and we provide opportunities for visiting the kids we serve through periodic mission trips.

Who are these “global kids”?

They are unique and precious individuals after God’s own heart. They range in age from toddler through young adult. They strive to be tomorrow’s leaders, teachers, doctors, nurses, farmers, and business people. They want to make a difference. They need hope, and they need our help. Each of these children is precious and beautiful in God’s eyes. Find one who is waiting for your support now!

How much does it cost to sponsor a child through Calvary Global Kids?

Although the true cost of supporting a child varies somewhat from country to country over time, we feel called to offer sponsorships for all of our kids at the same rate. Currently the rate of sponsorship is $40/month. Your gift is fully tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt for tax records.

What benefits does a sponsored child receive through Calvary Global Kids?

Your gift of sponsorship will help fulfill the basic human needs of food, clothing, and education at the orphanages. In addition to being cared for, the child you choose to sponsor will know that he or she is truly cared about!

I want to sponsor a child! How do I sign up?

Anyone can sponsor a child right from our website! Check out our sponsorship page for instructions. Or, if you will be in our local area, visit one of our events.

Can I communicate with the child I sponsor? How?

Absolutely! Child sponsorship is much more than giving money – it’s about making a connection! We encourage you to be in communication with your sponsored child and to build a unique relationship spanning distances and cultures. Read here for information about writing a letter.

What about sending gifts to my child?

We respect the cultural norms of each country in which we partner, and we rely on our individual partners there to guide us in culturally-sensitive gift-giving. Please contact for more information about the program practices in Myanmar.

Is it possible for me to meet my child in person?!

What an awesome experience! Trips to each of our partner orphanages are sponsored through Calvary Church throughout the year. These trips offer opportunities to help with special projects that benefit the kids, attend special events like graduations, and deliver items from the US. For more information read here.

I want to support your mission but I’m not ready yet to sponsor a child. How can I help?

Thanks for asking! We are grateful for any and all support. If you’d like to make a one-time donation that will support one or more of our partner organizations, please click here. If you’d like to offer your time, talent, and energy to Calvary Global Kids or any of our Christian missions, we would love for you to get involved!

How can I contact you if I still have questions?

We welcome your questions. Please feel free to email us at

What methods of payment do you accept for sponsorships/donations?

Currently we are only accepting direct bank withdrawal as form of payment. Along with eliminating processing fees and allowing 100% of your contribution to go directly to the orphanages, we believe that as good stewards we need to be responsible with our resources and do not want to encourage the use of credit cards.