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Help us support Bawi and the next generation

The Chin people are 1 of 147 people groups in Myanmar. The Chin language is 1 of 138 languages in Myanmar.  Bawi (pronounced boy) is one of the many Chin that are followers of Jesus.  But, they are the minority.  51 million people in Myanmar do not know Jesus – 95% of the population!  There are still about 50 languages that don’t even have the New Testament translated into their language.

There is a great need to bring the good news of Jesus to this country.  Bawi is working hard to shine Jesus, but needs your help.

Three years ago he started an orphanage – Truth Future Stars Shelter.  Many kids in Myanmar need caring families. Bawi & his wife want to not just give them a home, but give them shelter, shining the truth of Jesus so they would take the the good news of Jesus to all of Myanmar. 

They have outgrown their home and have another they can move to, that would serve them for years to come.  They are trusting God to provide and we believe a part of helping!

To meet Bawi and learn his heart to shine Jesus, watch the video below.


Please consider a donation to help Bawi move to a more suitable location so he can better care for the children at his orphanage. 

When you click the button below, please select “Truth Future Stars Relocation” as the designation of your donation.

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