After returning home from my first trip to Myanmar, I was emotionally wrecked, exhausted and overwhelmed on how God chose to speak to me and how far He took me so that He could meet with me. He prepared me every way for the trip- financially, emotionally and physically. My heart said the decision to go to Myanmar was easy. My head however was not as smart as my heart.

There were a lot of tears and anxious feelings when it came to saying “yes” to God. But honestly, denying the enemy of any stronghold of my life and trusting what God was planning to do was worth every single tear. I have since been back to Myanmar for a second trip and I am still in awe and in love with my family there.

God continues to teach me so much about myself and so much about Him that I often pray that he sees me back, year after year. If you feel that God is nudging you to try out a mission, you should. It isn’t what you can do but what God can do with and through you. When it comes to what is happening in Myanmar- God’s work is astounding.