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Thinking about being a part of a Calvary team to Myanmar? Read on...

Is God calling you?


Having the chance to visit and spend time with the wonderful people of Myanmar can be an amazing, life-changing event. The impact that it can have, not only on the children there, but on your own life, cannot be overstated.

A few times a year, during the cooler, dry months of December through March, Calvary sends teams to visit Myanmar. Perhaps you know someone who has gone. Perhaps you are considering visiting?

Of course though, there are a lot of important things to think about if you are considering a trip to Myanmar, and you probably have a lot of questions, like:


  • Is it safe?
  • What are the accommodations like?
  • What will we eat?
  • How will we spend our time?
  • And many others.


Read on below…

“Come, play with us!”

It’s really quite impossible for me to explain my experience, to make you understand what it felt like to be there, to be so badly wanted by someone who didn’t know you and couldn’t even communicate with you. It was simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting in a most amazing and beautiful way.


Visited Myanmar in 2017

If you feel that God is nudging you to try out a mission, you should. It isn’t what you can do but what God can do with and through you. When it comes to what is happening in Myanmar- God’s work is astounding.


Calvary Staff Member, Visited Multiple Times

Jere and Esther are two girls who I fell in love with during my stay. They waited for me between meals and never let me carry my own backpack. Little Jere would not only carry my backpack but would rush to help me put my sandals on. The urgency to be a servant and to be helpful is heart melting.


Calvary XStream leader, Visited Myanmar in 2017

Still Intrigued?

Please use the information in the articles below to answer any questions and help to inform your decision.

From the CGK Journal

Read tips, thoughts, and experiences from those who have been on a Calvary trip to Myanmar.

Jomara’s Story

I was at Calvary Midtown when I heard about Myanmar ministry for the first time. During announcements, the pastor was sharing about Agape Orphanage and the kids. My heart was touched, and immediately I wanted to be part of the team to go and serve those kids. However,...

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Matt’s Story

It’s called Myanmar Agape Orphanage. This lead me to believe they brought in orphans. During my first visit in February 2015, I soon realized I was mistaken. Though there are kids there that lost their Mom & Dad, and with no extended family able to take care of...

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Judy’s Story

I had no idea what God had in store for me when I heard the words “Hey, what do you think about going on a mission trip with me to Myanmar?” My first reaction was a mix of fear (Do tsunamis reach this place? What do I have to offer a trip like this?), excitement and...

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Laurie’s Experience

They tell you before you go to Agape Orphanage in Myanmar that one or two of the children there will adopt you for the week. That while all the children will be over the moon excited to see you, one or two will silently declare that you are especially his or hers. So,...

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Joel’s Story

BRIEF INTRODUCTION At the time of writing this, it’s been just a little over a week since returning from Myanmar. My body has finally returned to our time zone and my mind and heart have had time to process all I experienced and it’s time I finally try to share some...

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Kristal’s Experience

After returning home from my first trip to Myanmar, I was emotionally wrecked, exhausted and overwhelmed on how God chose to speak to me and how far He took me so that He could meet with me. He prepared me every way for the trip- financially, emotionally and...

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What’s It Like There?

A collection of thoughts/memories from some past visitors to Myanmar.     Morning Breakfast: During my week long stay at the Agape Orphanage I woke up early a few days to help cook breakfast. Typically a group of kids and one adult will wake up in the early...

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Feet Washing

We had the awesome honor of being servants to the children and staff at Agape Orphanage. Matt Geiger shared the story from John 13 where Jesus washed his disciples feet. 1 It was just before the Passover Festival. Jesus knew that the hour had come for him to...

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A Powerful Prayer Service

A healing prayer service led by Ali Bruce. We didn't know what type of a turnout to expect but had so many children come up front for prayer that it had to be cut short due to time constraints

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Matt’s birthday in Myanmar!

The best birthday celebration ever, complete with a gigantic cake, fed wedding-style between Matt and Karlyn, and then shared with all the children.

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