Write A Letter

Corresponding and building a relationship is a blessing for all involved

Corresponding with a child is a simple yet powerful way to make an impact in their life. As a Calvary Global Kids child sponsor you will have access to electronic communication with your child when logged in. However, even if you are not a child sponsor, writing a letter to a child can be a great way to let them know they are loved, and can be arranged by Calvary Global Kids.

Letter Writing Guide:

When you write, please keep in mind the following guidelines:


1) Be encouraging!


2) Keep it simple

Many of the kids do know basic English, and some of the older youth and staff at the orphanage can translate, but stick to simple and sincere

3) Talk about topics that they can relate to:

School subjects, sports, making friends, weather and seasons, likes and dislikes, and of course, words of encouragement or verses

4) Try to avoid things which are exclusive to United States culture or a high standard of living

Email and Facebook, cars, vacations, clothing, movies and television, etc

5) Do not focus on the child’s status as an orphan,

living at an orphanage, or ask questions about their past or family circumstances (except if they have other siblings at the orphanage).  The child may choose to share this on their own, but please do not probe as this may be a sensitive topic.

6) Do not include any information that you would consider confidential or private.

All messages are subject to reading and translation by persons, including but not limited to CGK volunteers, orphanage staff or related personnel, relatives of the child or peers, and any authority.

7) Please do not include personal contact information

such as phone number, email or Facebook account reference.  CGK and Calvary Baptist Church reserve the right to omit any such information or to withhold messages deemed inappropriate.

Mail to:

Calvary Global Kids
201 Harvest Fields Drive
Boalsburg, PA 16827


Email to:


Suggested topics for your letter


Daily life

Describe your family members and their ages

Describe your work and/or schooling
What does a typical day look like?
What time do you wake up?
Where do you go?
What do you do?
What subjects are you currently studying?

Do you have chores that you do on a regular basis?
This is something that your sponsored child could understand and relate to
Keep in mind that any chore that involve modern technology may be difficult to understand

Describe the area and town in which you live


Do you have a favorite season where you live?
Talk about weather your child may not experience, like snow and sleet


Discuss any favorite hobbies or past times

Talk about any instruments that you play

Do you have a garden?  Is it a vegetable or flower garden?  What’s in the garden?

Talk about games that you like to play or used to enjoy playing as a child/teen

Throw in some fun facts about you:

  • Favorite color
  • Favorite flower
  • Favorite school subject
  • Favorite number

Talk about your friends and what kinds of things you enjoy doing together


Talk about some of your favorite foods
What foods do you eat regularly?


Mention and explain any traditions your family has, specifically for certain holidays


What sports do you play?
What sports do you like to watch or attend?
Remember that in many other countries football to them is our soccer.


Encourage your sponsored child in any success or milestone that he or she has achieved
Talk about your relationship with Jesus
Share prayer requests
Let your sponsored child know that you care about them and are praying for them